Fiji Route Descriptions & Maps

Nadi to Sigatoka on Queens Highway 63Ks
2-lane, no shoulder, polite traffic, less and less traffic as you go. Some trucks. Very gradual rolling hills then at 17Ks a gradual to moderate 3K climb. Uninteresting rural scenery. Variable winds, plenty of sweat, occasional rain. Sometimes it rains for hours. Gradual 1-2K climbs and descents. Occassional stores.… Continue reading Fiji Route Descriptions & Maps

Czech Republic Route Descriptions & Maps

1st trip: May 1990 – from Warsaw, Poland to Frankfurt, Germany
2nd trip March 1991 – from Munich, Germany to Warsaw, Poland
Polish Border to Kezmarok 40K
Compared to our earlier attempted visits to Czechoslovakia, the border formalities had recently become a snap. Reported to be beautiful views of the Tatra mountains but we were fogged in. Up… Continue reading Czech Republic Route Descriptions & Maps

Bulgaria Route Descriptions & Maps

Road Stories
Vienna to Istanbul – September, 1985
The Idea
“Someday, let’s ride from Shannon, Ireland to Istanbul,” I said to Sally on some previous bike trip through Europe. She liked the idea. “Wouldn’t it be great to experience the subtle day-to-day changes as we go? What countries would we pass through?” “Well, Ireland, England, France,… Continue reading Bulgaria Route Descriptions & Maps