Yugoslavia-before the war (Croatia) Route Descriptions & Maps

Zagreb to Dubrovnik
April 1987
Zagreb to Karlovac 48Ks
After we lost a day because our bikes were lost at the airport, we left from the airport (south of Zagreb) and took the “old road” to Karlovac. Minor hills, moderate traffic and a good road. Cold. Lots of old farms.

Karlovac to Rijeka
We took the train to make up… Continue reading Yugoslavia-before the war (Croatia) Route Descriptions & Maps

Great Britain Route Descriptions & Maps

Yorkshire back to Heathrow Airport
May 2001
References to CTC Guide
Heathrow Airport to St Albans

Route #18 to Colnbrook the north on small roads to connect with Route #26
At Albans to Stevenage
On small roads off of the CTC maps (train to York)

York to Harrogate
Route #132
Harrogate to Ripon
Route 131 (into the Vales)
Ripon to Richmond
Route #130

Richmond to Osmotherley
Route #162

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Italy Route Descriptions & Maps

Northern Italy-May/June 2002
Melpensa Airport Milan to Lugano Switzerland
85 Ks
From Melpansa Terminal 1, toward Terminal 2 then left to Somma Lombardo (all narrow roads with traffic) continue left to Golasecca after castle 4 ks then to Sesto Calendre. From Sesto Calendre to Luino 50 Ks. ( Take side excursions toward lake when the main road doesn’t… Continue reading Italy Route Descriptions & Maps