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The yin and yang and yuck. In April 2019, we bought into the concept of an around the island designated bike route. In summary it was 50% urban highway (yuck), 30% marginally OK (yang) and 20% nice highway and bike path riding (yin).… Continue reading TAIWAN

Japan 2007

We finally road our bikes in Japan in 2013. This description is from before we rode there. It is more history of the area. Don Rhatigan has and shared with us his route and descriptions comparing two trips 44 years apart. Don passed away on September 20, 2008 during a California Bike Trip, We feel… Continue reading Japan 2007


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In January of 1996 we rode from Nairobi to the Uganda border.
Uganda was our biking destination.
This is not enough riding to make an informed rating.
We had a book about biking in Kenya which we can’t recommend since we encountered way too much misinformation. Cycling Kenya by Kathleen Bennett was published… Continue reading Kenya


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More expensive in Belize.  Guatemala map shows Belize as part of Guatemala.

Route Descriptions and Maps
Day-by-Day Itinerary Belize
Guatemala Border to Belize City 132Ks
Rough and slow to El Cayo (San Ignacio) for 16Ks. In Belize, distances worked in miles. Rain. After Cayo, it’s a beautiful road with hardly any traffic. A few… Continue reading Belize


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The trip was Vienna to Istanbul in 1985. In Romania, Ceausescu had been in power since 1965 and was a ruthless a dictator. No one would speak about the government. A cyclist we met out on the road would not even venture a comment about the government. In 1985, it was similar… Continue reading Romania


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Can you believe it? The first bicycle tourists showed up in Beijing in 1891. Two globe trotting Americans called Allen and Sachtleben crossed to here taking three years from Istanbul. This was a novelty. Today there are over 250 million bikes in China, most of them in… Continue reading China

Costa Rica

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Costa Rica (limited travel so cursory opinions)
In January 2010 we returned to Costa Rica for a few days and plan on returning in 2011 and riding to Panama. At that time we will fill in the new routes. So far the roads are narrow and busy.… Continue reading Costa Rica


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Our first trip in May 1990 started in Warsaw and finished in Frankfurt, Germany. The weather was marginal. Our second trip, we started in Munich, Germany and ended in Warsaw. On this trip, in March of 1991, we were too early and the… Continue reading Poland


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November 2002
A hotel owner in Namibia told us about an international cyclist who stated that after biking around the world he declared, “Namibia is the toughest part of my trip.” It’s the heat, the strong winds and the “whole lot of nothing” between highlights that make it… Continue reading Namibia


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On a glorious sunny day in southern Chile, you think it’s the best biking area in the world. Suffering through two weeks of clouds, wind, and rain—erase all of this.
It’s as simple as this: if you are lucky,… Continue reading Chile