Bicycle Toruing 101
This website will help get you started touring.

Biking Southeast Asia with Mr Pumpy
This site contains routes and maps for the Southeast Asia. Everyone who bikes in Asia knows this site.

Ciclismo Classico
Specialist in Italian active vacations and we borrowed their route through Le Marche, Umbria and Tuscany and loved it. There is a very good reason Itlay is #5 on our list.
Official site of Adventure Cycling Association, this is America’s premier organization dedicated to bicycle travel. You will find route maps for crossing the US.
Upscale bike tours with a hip clientele. They use Cannondale bikes.
Directory of profit and non-profit bicycle tours and events. Ability to search for a tour by region, date and tour type.
Online magazine with articles about cycling and links to hundreds of other sites.
This excellent site reviews different bicycle touring companies and compares costs.
The ultimate upscale bike tours. They have developed their own bikes for added comfort.
The British Cycling Touring Club. Information, routes and maps for the world. You have to join to get the information from the web. If you bike the world independently it is well worth the investment.
We like these guidebooks because they have great recommendations on small hotels.
World wide up to date information. They have a cycling book for Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
Just about every bike link know to man or computer.
Excellent guide books especially Chile, Guatemala and Argentina. Look for guides written by Wayne Bernhardson he knows South America.
There are over 1,000 routes (with cue sheets and maps) throughout the US and Canada.
Visa and health information around the world for Americans.
New to the bicycle touring companies. They offer new Trek bikes on their tours and copy Backroads and Butterfield.
Information on cycling in Vietnam and Asia.
Frixo ( is a road travel reporting website, that provides our users with the most up-to-date road traffic information. Currently supports UK and Ireland.

People we have met traveling who have websites:

Jean Beliveau’s site
Jean Beliveau’s site, he is walking around the world for twelve years. He started August 18, 2000. We met him in Uruguay March 2003.