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Wisconsin is our home state. The man who introduced bike touring to us, Charlie Warner, after many miles of cross-country touring answered my question: “Where is the best biking?” with one word, “Wisconsin.” Wisconsin is the Dairy State so there is an intricate paved road system for the dairy trucks to make their rounds. For example, we can take quiet farm roads from the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan (La Crosse to Milwaukee Route)

Northern Wisconsin is simply riding through trees, for us.

Southern Wisconsin is beautiful farm country with some sever hills.

Western Wisconsin is the best of all through the coulee country. On our recommended trip, you can cut down some of the hills and ride the ridges and valleys.

Eastern Wisconsin offers the Kettle Moraine area, Door Country (the touristy thumb area) and Lake Michigan (see our guide book “Bicycling from Chicago to Milwaukee”) Wisconsin is home to two of the most bike friendly cities, #1 Madison and #2 Milwaukee.

La Crosse to Milwaukee route. We ride variations of this route every summer. From the Mississippi, we ride up the bluff then Hwy 33 to Wild Cat Mountain. Hwy 33 is very scenic, along the ridges through the Coulee country and is quiet if you avoid the commuting traffic. We cross the Wisconsin River on the free ferry. Options into Madison are excellent. Finally it is across the farm country to west of Milwaukee. The road routes into the city are the low lights.

There is the north Kettle Moraine and the south Kettle Moraine areas. Frankly, there is not really a good connector route. These routes are modestly hilly very pretty and quiet roads. This is more of an area to wander around in. North of this northern section is a fine Dairy Farm area referred to as the “Little Rhineland.” It’s good riding from Milwaukee’s northern suburbs to just south of Green Bay.

Cycling Information:

Bicycle Maps of Wisconsin from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin in concert with Wisconsin Department of Transportation:

Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

104 King Street, Suite 204 PO Box 1224 Madison, WI 53701

(608) 251-4456


Madison Area Maps:

Madison Bicycling Resource Guide & Route Map from City of Madison Department of Transportation

Pedestrian – Bicycle Program

PO Box 2986 Madison, WI 53701-2986

(608) 266-6225


Milwaukee Area Maps:

Milwaukee by bike

(414) 286-3144

www.milwaukeebybike.org or Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (414) 271-9685