In January of 1996 we rode from Nairobi to the Uganda border.
Uganda was our biking destination.
This is not enough riding to make an informed rating.
We had a book about biking in Kenya which we can’t recommend since we encountered way too much misinformation. Cycling Kenya by Kathleen Bennett was published in 1992 by Bicycle Books, Inc.

This destination is not rated but we have the route we took through Kenya to Uganda.

As far as safety is concerned, Nairobi is unsafe at night around the downtown area. The police are trying to take it back. On our way out of Nairobi, kids were unzipping Sally’s packs and taking stuff while she was riding. That’s the low light. The highlight was riding through the Hell’s Gate Game Park. In retrospect we should have spent 2 days there.

Kenya Route Descriptions & Maps

Nairobi to Lake Naivasha

Out of Nairobi on the main road. We tried to find back roads but failed. The road was wide and busy. There as an inexorable climb to Limuru. Then we got off the main road and took the old road. Te views were great of the Rift Valley. At first the road was wide, but then it narrows. The turn off for the lake is a quiet road.

Lake Naivasha to Nakuru

First into HELL’S GATE PARK (sign: Welcome to Hell) one of two game parks in Kenya where you are allowed to ride a bicycle. Good scenery, animals and Masai. We saw a “kill” while riding. A Hyena grabbed a baby DikDik. Eveything scattered, the pack quickly feasted and within five minutes the scene was back to animals grazing. Just great. Then back to town of Naivasha. We took the old road to Nakuru. There was not traffic, and potholes that a bike can easily maneuver, and finally a dead end. We had a book “Cycling in Kenya” which told us to go over the railroad bridge and then the road continued. This was the only time this book was correct.


Nakuru to Kericho

We rode out of town on back roads through corna dn sugar cane. We passed through some towns. There were hills and some big. Turn left on B1, the road to Kericho. The traffic was light but fast and a good road. All the side roads were dirt. The route was mostly downhill to Nakuru with views of tea fields.

Kericho to Kisumu

There is a steady climb out of town. There are several large hills then a very long gradual decent and views of Lake Victoria.

Kisumu to Uganda border

We climbed out of Kisumu on a good and very hilly road with light traffic to the border.